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We are glad you stopped by to check us out. Jobbertown Media is an agency best suited for small business’ that would like help with their advertising needs. Whether it be simple designs and layouts for printing, website design, television commercial production or utilizing our negotiating skills for media buying, all business’ can find a home here in Jobbertown.

Based in Tacoma Wa, Jobbertown Media has been a reliable “go to” source for graphic design and advertising for over nine years. Our expanded network includes a diverse group of small business’ in the puget sound area and beyond. Jobbertown Media has stretched far since its inception back in 2007.

We look forward to working for you on your advertising and marketing endeavors

What We Can Do For You

Graphic Design
Internet Marketing
Web Design
Direct Marketing
Media Buying

What Others Have Said About Us

Angela says : ” Chris is able to explain, the ins & outs of advertising in an informative manner, an recommends what’s best for each indivduals needs. His style is modern, hip and technologically cutting edge in design. I recommend him highly. “

“Chris was able to do more than I could of asked for at an exceptionally great value, without diminishing the quality of the project. Not only would I recommend Chris I plan to work with him on all my future advertising needs”

“Chris is innovative, responsible, passionate and dedicated to producing a website that is detailed, clear and communicates effectively.”

And this is just a quick sample of how happy our clients have been over the years !!

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  • Did you Know?

    In 1704…

    The first newspaper advertisement, an announcement seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island, estate, is published in the Boston News-Letter.

    Source: Advertising Age

    Statistical information

    • 50% Of older Men hate their grey hair
    • 20% Of those men have dyed their hair
    • Nearly half (46%) of people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company.
    • (NewsCred)

  • Our methods for advertising and graphic design are simple, just follow the recipe 🙂


    • 1 cup creativity
    • 1 cup of Adobe Tools
    • 1 cup 20 yrs media experience
    • 1 tbsp Urban Influence
    • 1 tbsp Contemporary Influence
    • 1/2 cup History
    • 1/2 cup Focus group
    • 2 cups Love
    • 3 cups Desire

    Throw everything into a blender and blend on High for three minutes. Pour onto cookie sheet and chill.

    Divide into equal portions and and bake at a temp of at least 450 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Remove from oven and serve to public. Tastes great when accompanied by a tasty vegetable tray!